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Make Sure to Keep Your Brake Pads in Good Working Order

Protect and maintain this integral car part

While you might not think of it at first, brake pads are an integral part of your car, as your brakes can sometimes be the only thing between you and a serious car accident. Because of this, obviously you want to take good care of your brakes, and by extension your brake pads, and ensure that they are in good working order and can last you longer without having to deal with costly repairs or replacements. While everyone knows what the brakes are, some people aren’t sure exactly about brake pads. Brake pads are steel backing plates with friction material that apply pressure and friction to a car’s brake rotors. This pressure and friction is what actually slows and stops the wheels of your car. With that mind, they are definitely a component of your vehicle you want to make sure is in the best working condition possible.

Keep your brake pads working smoothly

Now, no matter what you do, eventually, your brakes will fail and fall apart with use, as they are what is known as a “wear” part, and trying to extend a brake pad’s life for too long will just end up costing you more in the end, because if it wears away and metal touches metal, you can seriously damage your car. That being said, there are still plenty of things you can do to keep your brakes effective for longer. The most obvious: slow down! Braking from a high speed is one of the easiest ways to mess up and wear out both your brakes and your brake pads. Plan ahead when you see a stop coming up and start to slow down instead of just slamming to a stop. Also, make sure to periodically change your brake fluid. Brake fluid naturally attracts water and when you have to slam the brakes to make an emergency stop, that water boils from the heat of the friction and severely reduces your brake effectiveness. Water also can create internal corrosion and ruin rubber sealing. Your biggest enemy though is excessive heat, which is the general cause of brake pad failure. They are designed to operate within a certain temperature range and when they get above that range it will wear much faster and begin to crumble and decompose. Again, this heat is caused by the friction that comes from having to stop too quickly.

Final word

So treat your brake pads right and they’ll protect you and car from potential accidents. And when your brakes or your brake pads are in need of service, make sure to call Albuquerque’s brake repair experts at (505) 271-8000.

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Transmission

Avoid costly transmission repairs and replacement

When it comes to cars, a transmission is one of the most expensive items to replace, coming in second behind only engines. Without proper care, a transmission can fail in as little as thirty thousand miles, so it obviously makes sense to take good care of the one you have now and save yourself from having to replace your transmission in an avoidably short time. Here are ten things you can do on your own to ensure a long life to your automotive transmission:

What you need to know

  1. Take it easy on your brakes – Riding your brakes too hard can hurt your transmission, in the long run, so try to pay attention to how hard and sudden you brake. And, if you have a manual transmission, try to downshift whenever possible.


  1. Shift gears only after you stop – When shifting between gears, even if it’s just drive and reverse, make sure the car has come to a complete stop. Shifting while the car is moving can strip the gears of the transmission if you do it often enough.


  1. Give your car time to warm up – While this is especially important in winter, it doesn’t just apply to times of cold weather. Try to give your vehicle five minutes or so of idle time before heading out.


  1. Install a cooling fan – This can go a long way towards keeping your transmission from overclocking as you put your vehicle through its paces, whether it’s rough terrain or added weight.


  1. Keep an eye on your transmission fluid – It’s simple, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to extend the life of your transmission. It also helps technicians better identify any potential issues based on the amount or absence of fluid.


  1. And upgrade it to a synthetic – And while we’re talking about transmission fluid, synthetic fluids can stand up to heat better and hold their properties longer than petroleum-based fluids, so consider making the upgrade.


  1. Think twice before hauling heavy loads – If your vehicle wasn’t designed specifically for heavy utility, the added weight can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your transmission.


  1. Be aware of your gears – If you have a manual transmission, always be aware of what gear you’re driving in. If you don’t know to handle a stick shift, you could do a lot of damage to your gears.


  1. Have it serviced regularly – This one is pretty straightforward: keep your transmission running great by having it regularly serviced by an expert technician. We recommend getting a transmission service every 25,000 miles and try to get a transmission flush about every 40,000 miles. Come see the transmission specialists at Quic Automotive!


  1. Keep up with maintenance for your whole car – And really, you need to keep your whole car in fine working order. Everything in your car is connected, and a bad engine can make your transmission have to work harder than it should and wear out or break faster.


Final Word

No one wants to deal with expensive repairs or replacements, so make sure to follow these tips for keeping your transmission running healthy for a long time. And when it’s in need of service, don’t delay, call Albuquerque’s transmission repair experts at (505) 271-8000.


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