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Common engine sounds to listen for

Common Engine Sounds to Listen For - Quic Transmission

Engines emit normal operating sounds which can vary depending on engine type, modifications, and other factors. But how do you know when a sound is out of the ordinary? Keep reading for a comprehensive explanation of engine sounds that should not be ignored, and call for immediate auto repair in Albuquerque’s best shop, Quic Transmission & Automotive Services.

Many times, your car will give off signs of damage or problems occurring within. Understanding how to identify these signs usually takes training similar to that of a licensed mechanic, but this article will help anyone understand some common engine noises to look out for.

Engine noise to listen for

A bad water pump, power steering pump or alternator can sound like whirring. Make sure to check your power steering fluid level as well. When the noise is more like clicking or tapping, you’ll probably find a worn, damaged, or clogged up oil pump or that the engine is running low on oil.

When the sound is more of a knocking, the issue could be with the spark plugs, timing chain, or the distributor cap. A deep rapping metallic noise can be signs of worn connecting rod bearings, a symptom that your engine may be reaching its demise.

If you hear screeching or grinding while turning the ignition, there could be a starter issue. A pinging could indicate problems with the crankshaft, transmission mount, or timing gears; while a popping sound could reveal ignition wire failure, engine compression problems, or worse.

Final word

While these tips are useful when trying to understand auto repair, it’s no substitute to an experienced, professional mechanic. There are many options for auto repair in Albuquerque, but none come close to Quic Transmission & Automotive Services. Here, we can handle anything from a tune-up to a complete transmission rebuild; with ATRA certified technicians and excellently written warranties.

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