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The Dangers of Delaying Brake Repairs

We implore you to please not delay brake service & maintenance because the sooner you have it taken care of the less it will likely cost.

For one reason or the other, brake service is something most drivers tend to ignore. In our years of experience providing Albuquerque, New Mexico with comprehensive automotive services, we at Quic Transmission & Automotive Services strongly advise drivers against this practice. Dragging your feet on brake repairs not only puts your life in jeopardy, but it also jeopardizes the lives of those you share the roadways with.

In fact, if you’re fortunate enough to avoid an accident, ignoring the signs and delaying brake repairs will only cost down the line. In short, you can’t ignore anything forever. So, you might be wondering: how does avoiding the problem hurt your pocketbook? That answer is simple: By ignoring the signs you can cause extensive damage to your vehicle’s rotors, and once your rotors are damaged, they must be replaced!  That alone, can increase the cost of repairs by hundreds of dollars or more depending on the model of car.

Let’s take the time to discuss 5 signs that your vehicle is due for brake replacement or repair.

  1. Your brakes squeal when applied – That signals that the brake pads are wearing thin and that the time for repairs is drawing near. It is often a driver’s first sign and should be heeded to avoid even more costly repairs.
  2. You start to feel a shake, rattle or roll. If you experience vibration or shaking when the brake pedal is engaged; or you start experiencing a rocky motion when you apply your brakes that could mean you have warped rotors. What exactly are rotors and what do they do? Rotors are the part of the wheel that the brake pad grips to slow your vehicle down. Warped rotors prevent your entire braking system from functioning the way it is designed to function.
  3. Your brakes cry out for help. If you hear a combination or howling and grinding noises – take this as a “cry of desperation” from your brakes that means they have little to no brake pads left. It’s the sound of metal grinding against metal, and when you hear this sound, you will likely have to replace your vehicle’s rotors, drums. brake pads, or all of the above for lack of a better term.
  4. Your brake pedal feels soft – and lack the tightness or stiffness of brakes that function properly. This could not only signal that your brake pads are thin, but it could also be a problem within the brake system itself – such as air in the brake lines or low brake fluid.
  5. Your car veers to one side when braking – if you step on the brakes and your car swerves to one side, a couple of things could be an issue. Number one: your vehicle may have suffered a collapsed brake hose. Number two:  your brake pads could have worn unevenly. Number three:  there might be impurities in your brake fluid.  A trip to your trusted mechanic is advised to determine the cause!

We implore you to please not delay brake service and maintenance because the sooner you have it taken care of the less it will likely cost.  The highly trained staff at Quic Transmission & Automotive Services is here with the experience to assist with all your automotive needs. Call (505) 271-8000 or visit for more information.

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