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Functions and Maintenance of the Heating & Cooling System

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Your vehicle’s ventilation is designed for constant air flow. This helps with climate control so the inside of your car stays warm when outside is cold or wet and keeps cool when it is hot. The heating and cooling systems are linked. Meaning, if something goes wrong within the heating system it could be a sign that the engine cooling system isn’t working properly. If this is indeed the case, it is important to have the issue checked out immediately. Engine overheat can cause permanent damage to the engine itself.


The heat inside the engine must be released. Most of it is directed through the exhaust system. The leftover heat stays in the engine and transfers to the coolant. At operating temperature, the thermostat kicks in by opening and allowing for the circulation of coolant from the cooling system in the heater core. This distributes heat in the vehicle. The blower fan is then controlled from within the car to adjust the amount of heat that comes in and at what rate the fan operates.

Heater Core:

The heater core is a small radiator that exchanges heat and is typically beneath the dashboard. Its inlet and outlet component lets coolant into the core where the blower motor sends air through the heater and occupants in the vehicle.

Automotive Maintenance:

For the heater to operate, it is important that the cooling system is in good condition. The appropriate mix of water and clean coolant assures the system is at proper protection level. A full coolant tank with no leaks is also key to the proper operation. The thermostat must open and close at the right temperature levels. The water pump must also be in working condition so coolant can move through the radiator, engine, and heater core. The same applies the both the heater core and engine; make sure they are not leaking or dirty so heat from the engine can be distributed properly.

The efficiency of your heating and cooling system depends on proper maintenance and identifying problem issues before they arise. Flush your engine coolant regularly; this is a perfect time to check for leaks within the cooling system. Use a clean mixture of water and coolant to refill your reserve tank.

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