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Save time and money with a Transmission Specialist in Albuquerque

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The importance of your car’s transmission

A vehicle’s transmission is one of the most important, and intricate parts of an automobile. Whether it’s manual or automatic, you cannot circulate without a properly working transmission. Quic Transmission & Automotive Services is Albuquerque’s transmission specialist. Our ATRA certified technicians are highly experienced and ready to get you back on the road in no time.

When your transmission starts slipping, your first reaction might be to take the car to your local mechanic. Although there are plenty of qualified, capable mechanics in the Albuquerque area; finding a specialized transmission repair shop can save you time and money.

Unlike general mechanic shops, transmission specialists exclusively work repairing this complicated part of a car’s powertrain. At Quic Transmission and Automotive Service, our staff is experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to repairing and rebuilding transmissions of every sort with written warranties on all of our work.

Mechanic vs Transmission Specialist

While a good local mechanic is always beneficial, some parts of a vehicle require specialized knowledge and experience. This is especially true with the transmission. Whether it’s manual or automatic, an automotive transmission repair is a highly complicated process which requires years of training and experience.

Often, mechanic shops will outsource transmission work to specialized shops and foot the bill to the unknowing customer. With Quic Transmission & Automotive Service, you can cut out the middle man and go directly to the source.

At Quic Transmission, we’re proud to be Albuquerque’s premier transmission specialists. Our skilled ATRA certified technicians use the latest equipment to repair or remanufacture transmissions on site. Every transmission is thoroughly rechecked and tested under road conditions to ensure the quality of our work. We back every job with written warranties for your peace of mind.

Final word

So, when you feel your transmission starts to fail, resist the urge to go to your local mechanic and come directly to Quic Transmission & Automotive Services. We’re Albuquerque’s transmission specialist! Give us a call today at 505-271-8000

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