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Seasonal Driving Tips for Albuquerque

If you’re new to Albuquerque or planning on coming for a visit it, you may be surprised to learn our high desert city does, in fact, receive snow during the winter. Read over these Seasonal Driving Tips for Albuquerque from Quic Transmission & Automotive Services Inc.

It’s that time of year again. The Holiday Season has arrived and in no time winter will make its appearance. As a result, Albuquerque residents are gearing up and getting ready for the snow. That’s right, snow. If you’re new to Albuquerque or planning on coming for a visit it, you may be surprised to learn our high desert city does, in fact, receive snow during the winter. We may not receive a heavy downpour like some parts of the country, but even a little snow on the road can make a real impact on driving conditions.

Winter, summer, spring, or fall being cautious on the road is an important thing for all drivers. In addition to staying alert, staying prepared for every bad twist and turn can help keep you and your fellow drivers safe this winter season.

  1. Be Prepared – As we discussed in our previous blog, now is the time to prepare your car for the winter season. There won’t be giant snow piles to deal with, but your car still needs to be ready to take on the road when it turns slick with ice. Albuquerque drivers may not need tire chains or even snow tires, but making sure your vehicle’s wheels are properly treaded is important during this season along with checking your battery and changing your fluids. Additionally, assembling an emergency kit (with road flares and reflectors, jumper cables, a first aid kit, food rations, and a heavy blanket) can help keep you and your passengers safe in case you’re stranded in the cold waiting for a tow truck.
  2. Maintain Your Visibility – Daylight’s saving has come and gone and chances are you began to notice the days getting shorter and darker long before then. Studies have shown that nighttime is a dangerous time on the road as the majority of accidents happen during the evening hours thanks to low visibility. Help maintain your visibility by getting your dim headlights, taillights, and brake lights replaced. Not planning on doing much driving at night? You’ll still want to invest in an ice scraper to keep your windshield clear. If you’re hitting the road after it’s snowed in your area, be sure to clear your front and rear windshield, side mirrors, head and tail lights, and license plate so that you’re completely visible.
  3. Pace Yourself! – Winter isn’t a season for hurrying, especially when it comes to driving. Extreme weather conditions have become common across the country and New Mexico is certainly no exception. It doesn’t matter if the roads are slick with freshly melted snow or warmed by the sun, it’s important to remember to pace yourself. Drive slow and carefully especially if the roads are slick and icy thanks to recent snowfall Additionally, it’s vital to avoid sudden braking or acceleration when the road is icy. Even with sturdy, well-treaded tires, the sudden change in momentum can cause your vehicle to lose control, endangering yourself and others. And while the two-second rule may be fine for the warmer season, you might want to keep a wider distance between your car and other vehicles to ensure you’ll be able to stop in time.

Even during the warm months, many of these tips can be put to good use. Keeping up with regular service schedules year round will keep your vehicle reliable and having an emergency kit is great for those who spend a good deal of time traveling. Just be sure to protect yourself and your passengers by calling Quic Transmission at (505) 271-8000 and to make an appointment with our team. Or use our convenient Contact form. And, of course, view the rest of our online home at https://quictrans.com/

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