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Transmission Care and Repair

A slipping transmission means a vehicle can very unsafe. To diagnose properly, you must first understand the transmission’s function.

Slipping Transmission:

A slipping transmission means a vehicle’s safety can be unpredictable. It can be fatal to the vehicle’s operator as well as drivers sharing the road with them. To diagnose a slipping transmission, you must first understand the transmission’s function.

To simply state, the transmission handles the vehicle’s movement. A driver would put a manual transmission into gear by shifting a gear selector. An automatic transmission, in contrast, changes gears on its own.


The transmission’s function and diagnosis go hand in hand. This means monitoring how the vehicle starts up and drives. One key way of doing this is feeling for how smoothly the vehicle changes in gear. Any resistance going through gears or accelerating can be indicators of a slipping transmission. Other signs are a lag in acceleration and/or shaky start ups.


Problems that cause a slipping transmission vary. They range from low fluid level to, a transmission fluid leak. This may cause the vehicle to go, or rather, slip into a different gear. Low fluid levels can be a sign of a bigger issue. Check wherever you park for an extended period for signs of a fluid leak.

There are many things that can cause leaks. For example, a loose drain plug, crack fluid line, or defective seals are lead causes. In automatic vehicles, a damaged torque converter can trigger issues. The torque converter is the pump responsible for pressure in the transmission.


To prevent property damage, injury to self and others, keep an eye out for leaks. At the first signs of a slipping transmission, contact a licensed mechanic. Be a responsible consumer, compare costs/estimates and repair the problem.

Servicing a leak is very important as it could do extensive damage to the transmission. Timely service is also the most cost effective option. Quic Transmission & Automotive Services are cost effective professionals in the Albuquerque, AZ, area. Visit their website or call them at (505)271-8000. Delaying repairs can lead to great internal damage and higher costs.

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