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Why a Well-Maintained Air System is Important for Your Car

Why a Well-Maintained Air System is Important for Your Car. Maintaining your vehicle’s cooling & heating system may not seem like a big deal but you need to keep the air running for more than just your own comfort. Quic Transmission & Automotive Service is here to help your cool.

Winter has arrived in full swing which means chilly temperatures will be the norm for most of the country. While most people around the nation are prioritizing keeping their car’s heater in good shape, there are some who would rather bundle up in bulky layers than seek out repairs. Maintaining your vehicle’s cooling and heating system may not seem like a big deal (after all your AC isn’t your engine or transmission, right?) but the truth is you need to keep the cool and hot air running for more than just your own comfort.

Still feeling skeptical? Here are a few reasons to keep up with your AC maintenance schedule:

  1. Regular AC Maintenance Can Maintain Vehicle Performance – You may not mind the extreme chill of winter or the intense heat in summertime, but for your car, temperature changes make a big difference in the way it runs. Extreme heat or cold can severely impact the performance of your vehicle and keeping your air system working impacts not only your cabin and windshield but also components under the hood. In fact, running your heater can help cool your engine. If you find that your car is about to overheat, turning on your heater can help the coolant circulate and cool your engine.
  2. Regular AC Maintenance Reduces the Risk of Compressor Failure – Is there warm air flowing from those vents when you set the AC to cool? Is there build up in the coils? Ignoring signs that your AC needs service can lead to compressor failure, an expensive problem that could lead to an entire unit replacement. Typically compressor failure is the result of problems in other parts of the AC system, so staying on top of regular maintenance can help keep you from having to empty your pockets later on. So when you start to notice your air isn’t as cool as it used to be, it’s time to deal with the issue before it  gets out of hand.
  3. AC Maintenance Keeps You Healthy – Chances are, those with breathing issues are more conscious of this fact but maintaining your AC system can improve your health. The quality of the air your breath in can impact your overall health, which is why you regularly change the air filter in your home air conditioning system. The same can be said for your vehicle’s AC system. Your AC not only keeps your cabin at a comfortable temperature, but it also filters out the dirt and grime in the air, keeping you from being exposed to contaminants that can make you sick. In short, keep up with your AC maintenance and you can keep your lungs (and the rest of your body) happy.

After reading through this blog, we hope you understand the importance of maintaining your vehicle’s air system. If you live in the Albuquerque area and have been noticing signs that your air condition is due for cleaning then you’re in luck. The helpful team at Quic Transmission is just a phone call away. Give us a call at (505) 271-8000 and set an appointment with us to help keep your unit running smoothly.

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